Coffee with Cats – The Purrfect Day

Yes that’s right, coffee WITH cats, and I don’t mean on the street petting a stray kind. Could there be anything better. The crazy cat lady in me was doing back flips the whole time.

Saturday 30th April – I took myself and the mother on a little trip to Nottingham’s first, and only, cat cafe, as part of an early birthday treat. Impressions? Fabulous. The staff were lovely, the atmosphere was nice. All in all, a lovely little afternoon treat.

Look at all the colour! (Please excuse the blurry photo), and all the cool little hidey-holes and climbing poles for the kitties.

The food is also fab as well. Between the two of us we had 2x sandwiches, a bottle of coke, two pots of tea and a (very) large piece of black forest chocolate cake, mm-hm-mm, for under £20.

Just look at that! There were even little sugar hearts in the chocolate sauce on the side.

There is a £5.00  welfare fee per person which goes towards the care of the cats and you have the table for one hour which, in truth, isn’t very long. But enough to stroke the cats and decide which one you want to take home. Sadly someone had already re-homed mine. Sigh.

I’ll leave you with my second favourite cat. Can you think of any names for her (?) (Assuming it’s a her by the pink collar).




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