The Sunday Schmooze: May reads

Hi all!

I’ve been burrowing myself away in books this month and lolling about in the garden now the weather is picking up (probably half the reason I am reading more), so I thought I would share with you some of my current reads. 

Sitting comfortably? Then let’s go…

American Gods by Neil Gaiman


Greek mythology meets 21st century. Spritzed up for the modern reader but at it’s core still holding the essence of what makes the Greek gods, well, the Greek gods (which seem to me to walk closely to the 7 deadly sins. Don’t know if you’ve noticed…).  Amazon Prime have now picked this up and are running it as a series. But be disciplined! Read the book first. Pretty please.

£3.85 in Tesco. Bargain!

The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry


Another book centered around mythology – bit of a theme here.   But this time, set in the Victorian era. There is something familiar about it in the sense that it reminds me of Virginia Woolf’s writing (free indirect discourse and all that) but I’m not sure if that’s more to do with the era than anything else. Basically a  big dragon/snake lives in Essex and kills people. Maybe. It’s all up in the air at the moment.

Another bargain bought on the Kindle at £2.84! Get thee there pronto.

‘A Sprinkle of Glitter’ by Louise Pentland


Despite appearances this one is a blog post rather than a book. It was an accidental discovery on Youtube followed by a deliberate discovery on Blogspot. Louise a.k.a Sprinkle of Glitter, vlogs and blogs about beauty, life, and creative projects. I’m not normally that interested in vloggers, finding their luxury life too much of a kick in the teeth. However the fizzy and charismatic personality makes me forget alllll about real life for 10 minutes. Fab. Check her out.

And that’s it!

Hope you enjoyed and have a lovely weekend all x

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