October Favourites

Is it that time of year already? Are we really only 7, yes 7, weeks away from the C-word.

Seeing as I missed September (it was very busy here), I thought I would amalgamate

the two months to give you something more substantial.

1.) Sapiens, A history of humankind – Yuval Noah Harari

I’ll start with a book (you know how I like a good book). This is non-fiction so different to my usual taste however I am really enjoying it. It’s very gritty and factual so if you want an easy Sunday read then this is not for you and I’ll be honest, I have been ‘reading’ this (picking up and putting it down) for some weeks now. Portraying thousands of years of human evolution, starting with the primitive Sapien, in 450 pages is no easy task. Can it ALL be covered? No, of course not. But Harari condenses all the key information into understaable chunks for us common Sapiens to digest. He demonstrates knowledge without showing off and simplifies his language without patronising the reader. I particularly enjoyed his take on the development of myth, faith and religion as tools not only to control large numbers of Sapiens but as a basis for trading with other Humans. i.e. two Humans from different tribes do not trust each other. Yet two Humans who share a common belief are more likely to trade tools and food on their understanding that one will not screw the other over because God will punish them. That mutual belief generates trust. Trust means trade.

The topics he covers are too intricate to discuss here, but if you have any interest at all in human history then I fully recommend giving this book a go.

Also, I’m using the word ‘Sapien’ to describe our particular species of human, as Harari does. I’m not doing it to sound like an intellectual pompous cock. Just wanted to put that out there.

Moving on…

2.) Simple Cleansing Oil, £3.39

This is a really budget friendly skin cleansing oil that is efficient at removing a face full of make-up. Is it Clinique? No, but for the money you shoudn’t expect that. We always have a bottle of this in the house and now winter is here good cleansing is key. Go for a milk or oil when the weather gets colder as this will help keep your skin mosturised. Believe it or not dehydration is more common in winter so keeping your skin quenched will serve you in th long run. This is an excellent budget choice and the snap close top makes it perfect for travel without worrying about spillage.

3.) Seanik, Lush solid shampoo bar £6.50 for 55g

I was really apprehensive about this to begin with and, don’t judge me, I watched a YouTube tutorial before I used it. Solid shampoo is a strange but interesting thing. I don’t remember how I came onto it but I now use this instead of my old fave Herbal Essences.

We’ll start with some pros then move on to cons:

  • It’s small, so doesn’t take up as much space in the bathroom.
  • When it’s wet it’s like perfume for your bathroom, and the smell is heavenly.
  • Despite it being a solid bar it lathers really well. And you hair does feel clean, like there’s no residue. There’s also no silicones in it (according to the shop assistant so don’t quote me on that).
  • Don’t be put off by the the little green bits of seaweed. They wash out.
  • Easy peasy for travelling. No worries about spillages or not having enough space in you bag. Also it lasts for 3x longer than the average shampoo bottle does so if you compare the cost per use it actually works out cheaper.


  • It needs to air dry after every use so that means leaving it on a surface where air can get to all sides. This does result in a residue on the surface each time you use it. Sadly it did not come with a little tin and for the price I think it should.
  • It contains a heavy amount of SLS hence the decent lathering. If, like me, you have fine hair that is prone to greasiness then this can back fire on you; initially your hair will feel squeaky clean but after the end of day 1 it’s beginning to get greasy again because it was stripped. HOWEVER, I am yet to find a shampoo that doesn’t do this and extends the life of hair for more than 24 hours. It’s a struggle eh girls?
  •  Although Lush have a decent range of bars available for all hair types, not all carry good reviews. Seanik did but some of my friends have used the other bars and they’ve not been as impressed. You’ve then paid over £6 for a product you don’t want to use again. My advice would be try before you buy. Lush like delivering their free samples to the consumer so go forth and get!

4.) Apeman, Amazon , £69.99

Why is this a favourite? Well I’ll tell you.


I have booked my tickets and will be departing this country for another September 2018. I’m so excited to be going and I cannot wait to take my blog with me and share all the fun.  Here’s why I picked this camera over a Go-Pro, apart from the price and similarity:

  • Waterproof up to 30m depth – ideal for outdoor activities like swimming, water skiing, surfing, diving, etc.
  • Ultra HD High Quality Capture & Multi-function – takes photos with 20MP and videos with the resolution of 4K. Numerous functions like loop recording, motion detection, time lapse. The camera can also be used as a car camera or webcam.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & HDMI-Sharing – You can control the camera via your phone, including viewing pictures and videos timely, and can transferring files to your phone via the app (such as okcam, finalcam and fncam). You can upload videos or pictures to social platforms by this way. Also support for export the videos to 4k tv by the HDMI usb cable.
  • 2-Inch HD LCD Display & 170° Ultra Wide Angel
  • Two upgraded 1050mAh rechargeable batteries, double recording time and double fun. Come with a beautiful designed carrying package, let your camera look quite different.

And yes I did copy that from Amazon, don’t judge me.  It does come with a plethora of extras for all the wiz people out there so you’ll never be short of ways to use it. I’ll put a link Here for anyone interested.

So there it is. As Bilbo Baggins once said, ‘I’m going on an adventure!’ But not for another ten months.

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