April update | 2018

Happy happy May! It is pleasing to be so close to summer and back in dresses and skirts again. Jeans chafe after a while. But the mornings are still a bit chilly so I won’t be ditching the bed socks just yet…

I would normally do an end-of-month favourites or most used, but this month has been quite disappointing. I don’t even have an exciting book or TV show to recommend to you. Partly because I am in my final months of saving so anything non-essential doesn’t get bought (looking at you alcohol), but partly because it’s so boring out there right now. Typically people recommend to me good books or media to enjoy, but this month – nothing. I can practically hear the tumbleweed. So instead, I’ve done an update.

As I get closer to September and my ROUND THE WORLD TRIP there will be more posts about my pack, items I’m taking, things I’m leaving behind and the equipment I’ve bought. I’m really looking forward to those posts and I hope you’ll enjoy them too. I’d love to hear recommendations from people who have done solo travel and what they found helpful or a hinderance.

But before I get in to all that, lets start with the first update:



Ima start off by saying I’m not athletic. In fact I actively protest most forms of exercise, especially running.

That attitude hasn’t changed.

What did change was I saw friends achieving brilliant things like running marathons or completing wolf runs (for people who don’t know what this is, it’s an outdoor endurance event involving lots of mud), and the comparison to my own inactivity filled my with guilt. I felt like I ought to be doing these things, it’s just what you do after all.

It’s embarrassing for me to be 24 years old and so unfit I can’t even run to the end of my street.

So I strapped on my neon orange trainers and ran around my local park.


The first few sessions were hard. My chest hurt, my teeth felt like they’re were going to fall out and I would get such a bad pain in my head that it would force my eyes closed for several minutes. Genuinely thought I was going to have an aneurysm.

But then it got a bit better. My chest stopped hurting as my lungs adapted, and my teeth stopped aching.

Twice a week before hairwash day I strap on my neons and pant my way around a very public park. Percentage wise I’d say it was 70% power walking and 30% actual running.

With a bit of luck by the end of August I should be able to run down my street without stopping for breath.

YHA Sydney

Image result for yha sydney

April was an important month on the travel front as I booked a key hostel for Christmas and New Year.

I’d heard a lot of reviews about YHA Sydney and having stayed in a YHA before, I knew it to be a safe bet. The package is for 8 days; arriving on Christmas Eve and leaving on New Years’ day 2019. All in all it cost me just over £400 which includes a shared dorm, the tickets for the NYE event and rooftop BBQ and a drinks voucher, which I think is a fair price.

The price also reflects it’s location. As you can see it looks directly over the Sydney Harbour and Opera House where the fireworks/celebrations kick off. I couldn’t have asked to be better placed and cannot wait to be on that roof top with a beer and burger come 31st December! Between all the relaxing and celebrating, I plan to be learning about it’s history. Underneath the hostel are the The Rocks where the first Australian settlers built their houses out of stone. It had a reputation as a slum often frequented by prostitutes, gangs and the Bubonic plague. The staff do free guided daily tours of the The Rocks’ history.

All good stuff.

Blog followers 

One of my targets by the end of April was to have hit a certain number of followers on my blog. I wanted to have 30 people following Witty Today Gone Tomorrow.

That might not sound like a lot to most people, and it isn’t. But to me that’s 30 people who consider my blog to be worthy of their time. People I don’t know and haven’t met so it means all the more.


Oh oh and what’s that little number I see? Would that be a 32? Why, yes it would Brenda, yes it would.

Thank you to everyone who considers my little blog to be worth their time. It’s something I really love and am proud of, so the fact that you like it too makes me really happy. Hopefully with a bit of luck it should continue to grow and improve over time and attract even more people. Equally if there’s things people want to see more of comment below. I’m always open to your ideas.

So there it is, my little April update. Minor achievements in the grand scheme of things but that doesn’t make them any less important.

And just so you know, by the end of May I’m aiming to have 40 of you, hahaha.

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