23 Days and Counting

This (picture above) is almost exactly where I’ll be in 5 weeks’ time; sitting on the island of Koh Phi Phi, cocktail in one hand, book in the other. In two months’ time, I’ll be doing the same thing in Bali, then Australia, then New Zealand.

I’m in my penultimate week at work, packing up my job as an Account Consultant and leaving friends and family to explore the world solo.

Starting on the 13th September with…


A stop in Bangkok for a few days to recover from jet lag and culture shock. Then on to Ayutthaya – a city about 80km north of Bangkok known for it’s Buddhist temples and National Park. From Ayutthaya it’s a train ride to Chaing Mai, a mountaneous provence in the North of Thailand where the old meets new. A little less bustling than Bangkok, but considered a jewel of the north. Here they also have an ethical elephant sanctuary full of rescued ellies living their best new lives with loving people.

From the cultured north it’s off to the beautiful south; a beach paradise of golden sand, barrier reefs and warm water no higher than knee depth for kilometres. Island hopping is a must in Thailand in order to get the best experience.


5 weeks in Thailand complete, it’s a flight to Bali on Scoot airlines. Has anyone heared of that airline? I’m having images of a white plane with a scooter blazened on the rear.

I’m not going to lie and say Eat, Pray, Love had no influence on this travel choice. But there’s something Aztec-y about the ruins which invites intrigue. Ubud, the home of those green rice paddies you see in photos, is the first stop then from there who knows! I had planned to do a sailing trip around Lombok and the other islands but they’ve had such bad earthquakes in Lombok it’ll likely be a no-go for now.

They have lovely beaches/spas and National Parks so there are definitely things to enjoy!

Watch this space!


If I had to pick which country I was most exctied about it would be this one; I can’t tell you why. I fly out on 21st Novemeber just before my birthday and due to spend a few days in Cairns exploring. Then it’ll be a trip down to Airlie Beach to explore the Whitsundays and Fraser Island. With luck, I will be sailing around the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef as I turn 25.

Barrier Reef fully done, it’s a leisurely move south down the coast, stopping wherever I feel like and hopefully bagging a Chris Hemsworth lookalike (goals). As long as I’m in my hostel come Christmas Eve all will be well. The hostel overlooks the Sydney harbour and Opera House and has a rooftop terrace which is hosting a NYE party complete with BBQ. I can’t tell you how excitied I am to spend New Years in Australia overlooking one of the most globally recognisable monuments.

New Years Day! A veeery early start for a 10am flight to Melbourne. Australia is so big! People have said Melbourne is more chilled than Sydney – think Soho. Perfect place to recover from a boozy Christmas and New Years before heading on to…

Hobbit Land! A.K.A New Zealand:

This is the final stop on my 5 month adventure tour. Because I won’t be here until 2019 I’ve really not planned much further than booking my first hostel in Auckland. There are many things on my itinerary and I’m looking forward to see what it is exactly about NZ that has people so in love with it.

Both NZ islands thoroughly traipsed, it’s time to come home (maybe, I mean who knows, Chris Hemsworth mark II might make me an offer I can’t refuse). The first flight? 17 1/2 HOURS TO DUBAI. 17 1/2 hours is not good. It might be the new Emirates plane but it’s still 17 1/2 hours in economy. Lord, send paper bags.

australia traveling travelling travel

This trip has been in the planning near on two years. That’s two years of hard saving, graft, and organsied birthday presents. The enormity of it hasn’t hit me yet and likely isn’t to until I’m alone in the departure lounge hoping my purple rucksack has been loaded.

Unil then, 23 days!!!

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