The Undesirable Roommates

So this was my Monday night/morning. Excuse the spelling errors, I was angry and tired.

I am in a dorm room of 4 females; roommate A and B who are friends, myself and roommate C. I became suspicious the first night when roommate B had a strop because she’d lost her make-up bag full of MAC makeup (why would you even bring that travelling?!). She’d also lost her debit card somewhere between Krabi and here (Koh Lanta) but it was the loss of the make-up bag that brought on tears. This mini meltdown lasted until she ransacked every bag, finally finding it. Luxury items found, she laughed and got back in to bed, debit card still lost but oblivious to the worse trouble that would eventually land her in.

The second warning came about 15 minutes later when her friend said, ‘can you believe we’re in bed by 9.30pm?’ That right there should have told me.

The next day we all went about our business. I had a lovely day with Betsy – which you can read here – and spent some time relaxing downstairs before heading to bed around 9.30/10pm. I had thought I was the last one to bed as the lights were off and all the curtains around the beds drawn. It wasn’t until I peaked into the top bunks that I saw their empty beds. I assumed that they’d gone out for drinks and would be back soon, and went to bed.

At 2am I woke up, surprised that they’d managed to come in so quietly. I was impressed and grateful. However a little investigation showed still empty beds. I half hoped they had moved out but their bags were still there. It was at this point it dawned on me what sort of state they might be in when they eventually did come back.

And sure enough, and hour and a half later they stumbled in giggling and talking. Lights went on,the air con was turned down, phones rang and drawers and cupboards were opened and banged. I started to get cross.

This continued for a while then, just as it seemed they had settled down, there was an almighty crash in between the bunks of our two beds. I pulled back my curtain and saw them both in a heap on the floor, with one holding onto her wrist where her friend had landed on it. They were so drunk roommate A had literally fallen out of bed and crashed to the floor, using her friend as a landing pad. I had to muffle a laugh.

At this crash, roommate C now fully awake like the rest of us, started.

‘You really need a private room!’ She said.

‘She’s really hurt herself. She’s really hurt her hand’, roommate A.

‘This isn’t acceptable at four in the morning’, roommate C. I concurred.

‘She’s hurt herself, please behave.’ Roommate A.

At this comment I thought there was going to be an argument, but roommate C said nothing. I asked them both if they were ok, told them off for being loud and pulled the curtain back across.

Roommate B was teary but kept telling her friend to ‘Ssh and get into bed’, which she did one of. It quieted down.

Less than 30 seconds and there was a second huge crash followed by the sound of a screen cracking.

Roommate C had had enough. I saw her light go on and her curtain come back.

‘You need your own room, this is ridiculous I’m getting management.’ And she marched off leaving me in awkward silence.

Now I take my hat off to her because it’s not easy to confront strangers so boldly like that. I’d like to think if she hadn’t of done it I would have but I think I’m too much of a people pleaser.

Roommate A hardly protested as she knew she’d cocked up. She kept swaying as she was apologising to me, ‘I’m sorry hun, I’m sorry.’ Over and over. I think she wanted me to say that it was fine, but it wasn’t fine, so all I said back was ‘okay.’

When roommate C came back with a manager she commented on how cold the room was. On drunken arrival roommate B had turned the air con down by 6 degrees. I know this because I was awake and heard her do it. I explained this to C who made a passive aggressive comment. A kicked off and said she hadn’t touched the air con, repeating it over and over. She turned to me and I told her her friend had done it when they came in. Myself and C were both in bed so if it wasn’t her then by processes of elimination it was her friend. As drunken people often do she ignored this nugget of truth and kept on saying the same as before, apologising to me ‘Brit to Brit’ which really got my back up. At that point I shouted at her for her unacceptable behaviour to the dorm, put my back to her and went to bed. She went quiet.

Roommate B had long disappeared by this point into their new room, so A was left to fend for herself; a banging of drawers and clatter of coins as her purse went upside down, followed by frustrated sighs from myself and C.

She moved in and out the room for a while as she shifted their belongings, leaving the door slightly ajar for access. At about 4.30am (1.5 hours after their first arrival) she had been gone a while so I thought she’d settled down. I gave her 15 minutes grace, which I thought was extremely generous under the circumstances, before getting up and fully closing the door, locking them out. Their stuff was still in our room. They had been too drunk to take what they really needed: toothbrush, toothpaste, phone/chargers and clean clothes. They would now have to wait until morning. I won’t lie to you, I got some satisfaction when they realised they’d been locked out without their belongings a short while later.

Their talking and commotion carried on until after 5am. I heard her bring a manager up and say something, possibly trying to get him to open the door to our room, but he refused. I finally fell asleep as the sun came up.

I woke up a handful of hours later tired and cross. Roommate C had switched the air con off and it took all my patience not to scream at her. As I was getting dressed I mentioned how tired I was to her, she said, ‘I don’t feel like we need to talk about it, it’s done now.’

I stormed down to breakfast even crosser – had I even mentioned last night! – and sat away closer to the fan. Halfway through breakfast she got up and turned the fan away from everyone because it was blowing on her at the far end of the table. I gave it 5 minutes before loudly scraping back my chair, marching over and turning it back around. She looked up and said nothing.

* Update: C and I spent some time together today and now know each other and our boundaries a little better. I would even say we’re friends.

A & B are incredibly angry with us. There’s hostile glances and door slamming, not to mention silent treatment. So we smudged the room after they’d left and were grateful we’d dodged any future bullets with them.

In my 4 weeks of hostels, this is the first time I’ve been actively and rudely disturbed during unsocial hours. I feel lucky that this is a rarity.

I’d love to hear other stories of roommates from hell and how you dealt with them.

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