Why We Need Women in Travel Writing

If you haven’t already I highly recommend going down to your nearest book store (yes, store, not Amazon) and have a flick through the above books. You don’t even need to be interested in travel writing; they’re beautifully written memoirs.

In moments of sheer panic as my own expedition approaches, I’ve found myself pulled towards strong women who have, if you like, trodden the path before me. To draw my own strength from theirs.

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The Sunday Schmooze

Remember that time when you bumped into your ex, surpassed all awkwardness and immediately started chatting like no time had passed. Lamenting about all the good times you had but how you both can understand that things happened for the best. Then, at the perfect moment, you kiss each other on the cheek and part ways better people than you were before; contented in the peace you have instilled in the other and leave being able to move on with your life with love in your heart. And all that’s missing is little forest animals and a mini orchestra?

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