Book of the Month: April

This month I’m readingĀ The tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather MorrisĀ  Continue reading “Book of the Month: April”

April update | 2018

Happy happy May! It is pleasing to be so close to summer and back in dresses and skirts again. Jeans chafe after a while. But the mornings are still a bit chilly so I won’t be ditching the bed socks just yet…

I would normally do an end-of-month favourites or most used, but this month has been quite disappointing. I don’t even have an exciting book or TV show to recommend to you. Partly because I am in my final months of saving so anything non-essential doesn’t get bought (looking at you alcohol), but partly because it’s so boring out there right now. Typically people recommend to me good books or media to enjoy, but this month – nothing. I can practically hear the tumbleweed. So instead, I’ve done an update. Continue reading “April update | 2018”