Roommate Etiquette

Whether you’re in a shared house, student house or hosteling somewhere, we’ve all had experiences with roommates for better or worse. If you’re lucky you’ll get a good bunch who are more often than not on the same page as you are and you’ll have good times which you’ll look back on and smile about. If you’re unlucky then there is no limit to the misery it can cause. The only shining light is it makes a good anecdote once over.

As I reach my final week of hosteling before I move on to my New Zealand campervan, I’ve reflected back over the last three months of shared dorms, and three years of student living prior to that. Continue reading “Roommate Etiquette”

Why Do Introverts Love Being Alone?

People often ask me why I don’t go out more or why I’m not doing x,y or z. I couldn’t verbalise why, not really knowing myself. Then I came across the below article and feel it sums it up perfectly.

At 25 years old I’ve really only just accepted the truth: I am an introvert.

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