23 Days and Counting

This (picture above) is almost exactly where I’ll be in 5 weeks’ time; sitting on the island of Koh Phi Phi, cocktail in one hand, book in the other. In two months’ time, I’ll be doing the same thing in Bali, then Australia, then New Zealand.

I’m in my penultimate week at work, packing up my job as an Account Consultant and leaving friends and family to explore the world solo.

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Primark False Nails | Review

As a chronic nail biter, I have tried every trick under the sun to end the habit; gel nails, painted nails, that nasty tasting liquid that coats your fingers, even picking the cuticles instead of the nail itself. But nothing worked. Eventually it dawned on me that actually I prefer having very short nails as I’m quite heavy handed. A lot gets done with my hands day to day and you don’t realise what a hindrance long nails can be to someone who isn’t used to them, until you’re trying to glue one back on after it pinged off from being caught on your seatbelt.

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